13 Feb

WEF: Young Global Shapers

Perks of Working for TV. 

It’s not everyday we share the same floor and cocktail table with Ms. Karen. And I am just as pleased to be invited to this simple yet prestigious event. Ms. Karen Davila being a very active leader of World Economic Forum here in Manila launched the Young Global Shapers Manila Hub. I thought it would just be an ordinary ‘hi’ ‘hello’ cocktail party, but I was in for a more inspiring and amazing night yet. 

These guys are the member of Young Global Shapers. And I thought the name was just a title, but I was happy to know they really do live up to their group’s name. They’re a bunch of 20-30 year-old entrepreneurs that brings change to the society. They call themselves ‘Social Entrepreneurs’.

Ponce at 20 is already a CEO of a non-profit company that helps, reinforces and boosts small scale businesses, NGOs and cooperatives. They link suppliers, makers and buyers, building a better market place both for the rich and the indigent.

I met also met this 21-year old lady (on blue dress) who has her own international school (of some sort) free for indigent children. She now supports 20-30 kids’ education. Their parents cater food for a bistro/cafe in an international school. And the profit goes to the educational fund for the indigent children. 

There’s around 9 of them, one is a 21 year-old mayor, a 20something youth leader who organizes her fellow youth leaders from far flung areas of the Philippines. They’re all truly inspiring!

For additional inspiration, here’s a Zobel giving a talk, as well as senator Chiz. 

Cheers to these gorgeous lady for tagging me along! :) 

And here’s our team’s photo, with our hosts Pochoy and Ms. Karen :) 

After leaving Ayala Museum, after all those campaigns and sushi bars, we’d ask ourselves: “Ilang taon ka na nga? Ano nang nagawa mo?” And we’d laugh at ourselves. These people at 20s, they’re already making a step, a big step towards the betterment of our society :) 

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